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Director's Message


Late Mrs. Krishna

The Founder DirectorNational Victor Group of Schools
06th September 1951 - 26th April2021

The Edu-entrepreneur ahead of her times…
Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 5, Verse 7

The karm yogis, who are of purified intellect, and who control the mind and senses, see the Soul of all souls in every living being. Though performing all kinds of actions, they are never entangled.

Like a true karm yogi,she was an embodiment of purified intellect, emotional equilibrium and devoted to the cause of education. More than four decades ago, Late Mrs. Krishna laid the foundation stone of the first branch of the National Victor Schools in East Delhi. She steered the arduous quest for imparting the equity and quality in education with an exemplary grit and determination.

With a profound understanding of human behavior and a progressive mindset, the prolific educator made choices for the Institution which were far ahead of her times.She gave a tremendous impetus to the development of the wherewithal for the growth of sports and cultural competencies amongst the students. As a life -long learner, she continued to update herself and stayed relevant till the twilight years of her life. The phenomenal figure was unceasing in her activity, profound and versatile in her wisdom, boundless in her love, she was a rare personalityin this world of ours.

However, despite her immensely demanding regime, she found time for family and friendsAll through her journey she remained deeply rooted in the lineage constituted by the educators, agronomists and Indian values.

Today ,we are bereft of her dynamic presence in person but her actions have created a legacy that shall always inspire us to dream more,learn more and become more…

Such geniuses,whose ethereal presence resides in countless hearts and uplifts them nobly, never depart. They live on.