Students took active participation in various clubs like Heritage Club, Wonder Chef, Cyber Club, Radio Jockey, Vedic  Math and Aerobics on 17-08-19, Saturday. ‘Heritage Club’ embellished the club display board with the help of coloured sheets and pictures. The theme was ‘Van Mahotsav- Green Thumbs, a Sign Campaign’. The students of Wonder Chef Club prepared Veggies with Dip without fire with zealous spirit. Radio Jockey Club’s participants displayed an incredible knack for improvisation on the theme ‘Green India.’ While going towards the roots, children involved themselves whole heartedly in Vedic Mathematics activity.  Given the rise in health consciousness the students were very much fascinated with the various moves in Aerobics, which also works as a stress buster. The school gives boost to such activities to explore & understand the hidden talents of the Victorians ,so that their passion could become their profession. 

August 20, 2019