An election is one of the most important pillars of democracy and it is that process through which people can choose their representatives as per their choice which they feel has the capability to form a better government and to perform actions in the favour of the development and national interest. It plays a major role in democracy as it is important for the development of a democratic country like India or any other nation in which people have the right to choose their government.

To make the Class V students get the glimpse of election procedure, a proper voting process of selecting a leader from Class-V was done. It all started with the campaign process with the candidates from Class-V doing promotions of their party and giving short lucrative speech for the election campaign in Classes IV and V. Election Campaign was done from 11thOctober, 2022 to 15th October, 2022. Symbols and Manifesto were decided by the parties of different sections of Class V . An appropriate Polling Booth with Ballot Box was set up with volunteers from different parties lending helping hand for genuine conduction of election.

Election was significantly done on 19th October, 2022 and the students of Classes IV and V got the opportunity to vote.

The first vote was casted by our honourable Principal Ma’am who herself is a pioneer for such sort of experimental events.

It was really an enthralling and new experience for the students as they witnessed the minute details related to the election procedure and also got the first experience to cast their vote. We hope the best leaders come out with flying colours.

Wishing all the leaders best of luck for their future endeavours. 

October 21, 2022