Grandparents day

Being a grandparent can be the world's greatest feeling. Our beloved grandparents bestow us with their unconditional love in every possible way. Grandparents offer us a wide range of knowledge, emotions and experience. They are nurturer as they support our emotional and social safety rules. They act as spiritual guides for grandchildren. They give values and spiritual rewards like peace, love, faith, joy, tolerance, being kind and gentle. Grand, that's the most fitting word to describe their pivotal role in a family. 

NVPS celebrated Grandparent's Day to make the grandparents experience the warmth and affection of their grandchildren in the most compassionate way. After the warmest welcome speech by Principal Mrs. Veena Mishra, they visited the classes of their beloved grandchildren. The day was exceptionally dedicated to them to make them feel special and loved. The way the tiny tots showcased their tender-hearted love for their grandparents made the whole atmosphere so emotional and heart-touching. Everyone got soaked into heart-rending aura of love and compassion. It was really a prodigious moment for everyone. All thanks to our honorable and beloved Principal Ma'am for always inspiring to organize such functions and make grandparents endure their importance and significance.


September 15, 2022