Soil which is popularly known as dirt, gives birth to millions of plants, entraps heat and is a home to several micro-organisms important for the existence of life on earth. In fact, it is the fertility of soil which makes earth different from any other planet in the solar system. Given the circumstances today, the soil is degrading and losing its fertility. It therefore, requires an immediate action to stop its deterioration. The urgency of saving the soil so that the future generation can go on to live a healthy life is significant.

Sadhguru, ayogi and mystic of India has been running a campaign called “Save Soil”. To cherish the same spirit of “Save Soil” movement, and in accordance with the guidelines released by CBSE, team NVPS was directed by respected Principal ma’am, Ms Veena Mishra to participate in the event with zestful enthusiasm. The tiny tots of National Victor Public School were encouraged to make posters, write letters, poem and slogans. All the students were firstly introduced with the idea of importance of soil and then were inquired about the same. The children then expressed their opinions. Later the “Save Soil” anthem was played on the smartboards, enlightening the students to press out themselves on a piece of paper. Our energetic students expressed their ideas in the most creative and distinctive way, showcasing the determination on working towards the same cause. Some of the students made posters while others wrote letters, poetries, presenting them in the best possible manner. Even the simplest of the poster communicated the message loud and clear. It turned out to be a highly successful event. Seeing the enthusiasm of the little children, our principal ma’am was dazzled. Ma’am congratulated each and every one, motivating them to keep participating in such events in the future with same fervour and gusto. 

May 25, 2022