Delhi Police, Cyber Workshop at National Victor Public School on May4, 2022

The proliferation of digital space in the lives of all, including the students has changed the world beyond imagination. However, it is unfortunate that in this immensely fast paced realm, the crime seems to have crept in faster than the knowledge of cautious behavior amongst its users.

To draw the attention of the students to the various facets of cyber safety and security, a workshop was conducted by Sub- Inspector Satish Singh. He discussed the eye-opening cases of impersonation, flaming and phishing handled by his team in recent times. The need to ‘seek help’ in case of any cyber problems  and refusal to connect with the ‘strangers’ in the first place itself, was highlighted by him. ‘The virtual friends should be the people known to you in the real space,’ a statement by him, led to an open house discussion.

Mrs. Veena Mishra, Principal NVPS gave an impetus and direction to the discourse as she raised several inductive questions on self-esteem and self- awareness. Students came out in open with their frivolous behavior patterns, as she connected with them in a light hearted and matter –of- fact tone.

The workshop came to an end with a proposal by the students to ‘lead the awareness movement’ in the school and foster the elements digital citizenship throughout the K-12.

May 09, 2022