With the beginning of the new session, comes hope, aspirations and mirth. It’s usually the time to get rejuvenated for the up-coming year. The sheer excitement of entering back to school was evident on the faces of the students. This excitement was doubled as the school staff welcomed students with the Hawan Ceremony. The Hawan was attended by our honourable founder Shri V.P.Panchal, respected Principal Ma’am and the esteemed staff members of the school. The pre-school students were the fortunate ones to be blessed first. The ceremony began with “Om” and the Gayatri Mantra chanting. The entire atmosphere seemed to be filled with serenity, positivity and tranquillity. The Hawan concluded with Principal Ma’am personally showering blessings on students and the staff members. With joy in heart and determination in mind, this appeared to be the perfect way to unfold the new beginning.

April 04, 2022