As a part of the ongoing EBSB program for the session, following events were organized under the guidance of the school Principal Mrs. Veena Mishra  to develop a sense of bonding between the students of partner State-SIKKIM. These activities will go a long way in developing our students as responsible citizens with deep belief in unity in diversity of the nation.

Cultural Fusion Competition Paired State Sikkim - Middle Wing organized Cultural Fusion online Competitions on December 11, 2021 Saturday. Students were given the choice to participate in either the painting or cuisine online competition. Some of the topics given for the painting competition were - Children of  Delhi and Sikkim Catching the Rainwater, Blood Pheasant, Me and a Masked  Dancer from Sikkim, Portrait of Lord Buddha surrounded by the noble orchids, Field of Alfa Alfa Flowers and _Tableau of Sikkim on Republic Day. Students excitedly voted for their favorite entry for the results through an online poll. In the fusion Cuisine competition, students partnered with a family member to prepare and present a cuisine with elements from popular Delhi and Sikkim dishes. Fancy and original dishes included Momos Chat, Sael roti  with Rabri from Purani dilli, Gundruk with cheese bhaturas , Sha Phaley kachoris, Dahi bhallas with papris  made from Ragi and inspired by Kodo Ki Roti dish from Sikkim.

Integration of awareness and sensitivity towards environment, forest and wildlife protection, water conservation, physical fitness and health, gender sensitivity,  sanitation and self or public hygiene, etc. into EBSB activities. The fifty members club worked in phases to meet the aims and objectives of EBSB movement. In the first phase all the members did their individual research to discover the indigenous and other innovative practices regarding these issues in Sikkim. In the Second Phase Portfolios were made by the groups and presented in the session presided over by the Principal, Mrs. Veena Mishra. She suggested simple steps to be taken up by the students for the sensitization and sustainable changes to overcome various challenges. Students came up with Instagram pages and media Campaigns which involved people to act for change.

Essay writing Competition Economy, the present challenges in the State of Sikkim. The Economics faculty conducted Essay writing Competition through an online mode for Classes 11 and 12. Students were asked to research and write about the challenges as well as the economic strategy, the contours of the supporting fiscal policy framework, and also indicate the future roles to be played by the public and the private sectors, and the community in the fulfillment of the goal. Essays were evaluated on the basis of independent thought, depth of knowledge, clear reasoning, critical analysis and persuasive style.  Word limit was 2000 words including the citations.

January 03, 2022