An ‘Accountancy Workshop’ was conducted by National Victor Public School, I.P. Extension in collaboration with EduMentor Educational Services Pvt. Ltd. in the school arena, following Covid appropriate behaviour.

The session was witnessed by the Principal, Ms. Veena Mishra who has always shown a path of victory with her endless care, guidance and support to all the students. She is invariably a true commander of NVPS ship. The Principal and the In-charge of the senior wing, Mr. Vishal Chaudhry, welcomed the guests by extending a token of love and respect in the form of a planter.

The speaker of the event, Dr. Vikas Vijay (Accounts Guru) is the Advisory Board Member of Commerce Teachers Association (CTA), an author of several books including ‘Together with Accountancy’ and ‘Together with Business Studies’. Dr. Vikas is also an active consultant with CBSE on matter concerning the development of Accountancy projects for Class XII.

The commencement of the session was with a mindboggling question – Why do we score differently during the exams? This encouraged the young minds for the exemplary participation in the event. It was a delight to see the excitement with which the students challenged themselves to attempt a variety of questions put forth by the speaker. Eventually it was concluded with an answer that every child is unique and the success depends on the interest of the respective student.

Dr. Vijay graciously enlightened the students with New Accountancy Sample Paper for 2021-22, techniques to crack Assertion and Reason Based Questions, tactics to solve questions based on hypothetical information(Case Based / Source Based), HOTS MCQ in less time, importance of theory and concept clarity, a 4-day challenge by which students would be able to analyze their standpoint before appearing in examination. The speaker, in return, addressed the gathering, reminiscing about his school days, past experiences and inspired the students with his valuable motivational words.

<span The session helped the students to understand the various strategies to score 100 marks in accountancy. Dr. Vikas Vijay demystified these strategies of 100% scorer in Accountancy based on an experience of more than 20 years of evaluation and analysis of students’ boards’ performance.

After a comprehensive discussion the rejoinder came out to be extremely productive.

The session was further carried forward by Ms. Aditi Sharma who is a career counselor for the last   four years and takes counselling in more than 50 schools every year. The Victorians were guided by Ms. Sharma about the future career prospects and here Mr. Sourabh Maheshwari assisted for the smooth functioning of the workshop.

The session was concluded with the Principal Ms. Veena Mishra showering her gratitude through a stimulus speech. She laid emphasis on the importance of choosing careers in life. This will definitely boost up the confidence and morale of the students before the examinations.

October 30, 2021