Grandparents create memories that the heart holds forever. And on 10th September 2021, on the auspicious day of  'Ganesha Chaturthi', the students also celebrated togetherness through virtual celebration of Grandparents' Day. Grandparents were invited to connect with their grandchildren virtually. It was a heart-warming sight for everyone, as grandparents not only joined from India but also from abroad. They witnessed their grandchildren indulging in the traditional activity of 'Modak-Making' and 'Paper Cup Ganesha Craft' on the auspicious day of ‘Ganesha Chaturthi’. Many grandparents could be seen tearing up at the sight of their grandchildren dedicating their work not only to God but also to them. It was definitely a successful event as the love and connection could be felt despite the lack of physical presence. 

The event became even more beautiful and memorable when the tiny tots and their grandparents got an opportunity to share their adorable thoughts with our respected Principal Ms. Veena Mishra and showcase their talents. Some others were delighted to talk their hearts out to Headmistress Ms. Veena Joshi who was involved with the little ones and their grandparents throughout the event.

Someone truly said for their grandparents - "I know you've loved me since I was born, but I've loved you my whole life". 

It was definitely a cherished memory for not only the school, but also for students to get in touch with their grandparents and show their talents.

September 11, 2021