Celebrating the Spirit of Olympic Tokyo 2020

The Olympic games started in Athens, on April 6, 1896, stimulated by the ancient games held in Olympia. After many years, the Olympic Games remain one of the biggest events in the world.

The 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics is the name for the prestigious three-week-long sporting event that features athletes from multiple nations competing to procure Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. The modern Olympic Games are the largest sporting event in history in terms of the number of athletes and crowds from around the world that gather in support of each other.

The “Olympic spirit” regards unity among people and nations, mutual respect, and the determinant role of cooperation to achieve success toward a common goal. Some of these qualities are also important in the academic process.

National Victor Public School presumes that making sports an integral part of education is not just a blank philosophy but a live-to-do concept. The school authorities go hand in hand with teachers and students to celebrate the spirit of Tokyo Olympics 2020 and imparting the three core values of Olympics which are excellence, friendship, and respect, among them. In the course of journey, different school activities like discussing the values of Olympics, Awareness talk on Tokyo Olympics, Tokyo Olympic related short video display, Placard making, Poster making, and Drawing Mascot were organised on the digital platform from 23rd July to 6th August 2021.

Students showed their aspiring colours by participating in all the activities enthusiastically. The activities invigorated the students to keep themselves refurbished with the latest news on Tokyo Olympics. Students were able to develop a pragmatic attitude towards this international event. It also encouraged the students to keep themselves fit and healthy. Such events are a jubilant way to make students realise the urgency of good virtue. It was a fun-filled learning experience.

August 09, 2021