National Victor Public School always takes proud privilege in propounding social cause and reaching out to people to help in the best possible way. Taking that forward, a webinar was organized with the assistance of esteemed members of the school, Dr. V.P. Panchal (Chairman of the school), Ms. Nidhi Panchal (Director), Ms. Veena Mishra (Principal). The Programme Coordinator were Ms. Meenu Maheshwari and Dr. Sapna Bansal acted as Facilitator and Moderator. The Panelist of the webinar was one of the profound doctors of USA, Dr. Tarcisio C Diaz, MD of Internal Medicine - Endocrinology and Metabolism, Corona Regional Medical Center, California. The webinar was a huge success with over more than 280 active participants including teachers, students and parents.

The webinar commenced with a short prayer followed by a long queue of questions put forward by the participants. Dr. Diaz amazingly cleared all the doubts broached by the inquisitive participants. He introduced about type I and type II diabetes and the difference between them. He talked about how diabetes has become one of the fastest growing diseases in the world and what precautions we can take to avoid it. He focused on how diabetic people are more prone to getting infected as their immunity gets diminished due to high sugar level in the blood. He expounded about the total body fat that should be less than 30 and how it could be measured. People having total body fat more than 30 have more chances of developing diabetes. He was kind enough to throw light on the vitamins and minerals that make immune system more robust. He even discussed about the complications of insulin resistance.

Overall it was a great session with many informative facts being unfolded. Our Principal Ma’am wrapped up the session referring to the precautionary measures we should imply to avoid diabetes like taking proper diet, doing exercise on regular basis and controlling weight. The webinar ended soundly with a short prayer.

June 08, 2021