Living in an unexpected and unprecedented time, the current pandemic has had an enormous impact on global education. In order to ensure the continuity of learning, educational institutions have embarked on technological platforms to deliver online learning programs to students. This ‘new normal’ is not only a different concept for learners but also for parents and teachers. While teachers have geared up as content curators, parents are stepping in as facilitators and learning coaches. The intended purpose of reaching to a goal of not wasting a year, successfully solved amid the COVID-19 with the help of virtual classes and other pivotal online tools in the continually shifting educational landscape. 

To develop strong attitudes towards learning, NVPS planned to organize Class Presentations by Pre-Primary and Primary wings, leaving no stone unturned that kindle the spirit of togetherness and encourage the students to showcase their talents despite the difficult times. These were organized to overcome the academic pressure and mental anxieties that might have been suffered by learners in the pandemic restrictions. By crossing all the logistical hurdles, these emphasized on the holistic development of the students. 

The classic tale “Pinocchio” was showcased by the talented tiny tots of Preschool and Pre Primary classes and spread the message of truth and honesty. With great zeal and enthusiasm, the students of classes I and II enacted the play “Madhumakkhiyan Gayi Hadtaal Par” sending out a message to all humans that they should not destroy the bee hives for their own benefits. Another spectacular performance “Maanav Haazir Ho” was delivered by the students of classes III and IV on the topic “Polluted Earth” with a message to save earth as it is the only planet to have life and raise your voice against every act of harming the earth. Last but not the least, the students of class V exhibited their dramatic skills by portraying on “Kangra Fort” which was built by royal Rajput family (Katoch Dynasty) where the treasures of its temples were plundered. 

March 20, 2021 was completely a new experience, a great joint venture and an amalgamation of the unbeatable efforts of students, teachers and parents in the history of NVPS, which will be undeniable forever.

March 23, 2021