Republic Day is a salient and significant occasion for India and citizens of India. We celebrate it every year on 26th of January as our constitution came into effect on the same day. On this day, the entire nation is laced in tricolours to convey that India is a nation where Unity in Diversity is celebrated. Republic Day reminds us of our struggle for freedom which was based on some high principles and ideas such as non-violence, cooperation, non-discrimination etc. For this reason, Republic Day is celebrated by all the Indians with great zeal and grandeur. It also memorializes us of the sacred values enshrined in the Constitution of India, it is a day of national pride. Display of grand military on the Republic Day parade reminds us that the security of our terrestrial sovereignty is the outcome of many sacrifices.

To show the spirit of patriotism, our terrific tiny tots got engaged in various exhilarating activities like making Tricolour Badges, Tricolour Flag with pulses, Tricolour Sandwiches, Tricolour Fans etc. The activities thrived in them the prominence of tricolour and what each colour signifies. It was a remarkable and joyous amalgamation of pride and patriotism.

We all should be proud to be a citizen of India which ensures the fundamental rights of every citizen such as right to equality, freedom, religion, culture, education etc. This is an occasion to reaffirm our commitment to unity in diversity, fraternity and equality among all our citizens.

Jai Hind Jai Bharat!!!

January 26, 2021