SESSION (2020-21)


THEME- National Law Day

OBJECTIVE The students will be able to recognize the important principles & facts which formed the basis of the constitution.


Constitution Day, also known as National Law Day, is celebrated in India on 26 November every year to commemorate the adoption of the Constitution of India. On 26 November 1949, the Constituent Assembly of India adopted the Constitution of India, and it came into effect on 26 January 1950.


Extempore is the art of public speaking that is carried out without preparation or forethought. It puts to test one’s ability to think on the spot and also their spontaneity. Oral communication fulfils a number of general and discipline-specific academic functions. 
  • To imbibe a true spirit of learning in Victorians and to enhance the communication skills in them, an activity , was held in online classes on the 26th November 2020 on an occasion of NATIONAL CONSTITUTION DAY during the social science block.
  • The speakers were the students from the class VIII. 
  • A small video was displayed & students were asked to watch a video first.
  • Participant got 2- 3 minute to think over the topic. 
  • Each Student spoken for a minute or two on given national constitution day topic.
  • Students were able to recognize & speak the important principles & facts which formed the basis of the constitution.
  • This activity was intended to give an opportunity to the students to build up their self-confidence.

December 01, 2020