Tearing paper is an amazing fine motor activity for kids.  Tearing paper requires strength and endurance of the small muscles in the hand. These intrinsic muscles are important in so many fine motor skills.  When paper is torn, the hands assume a great tripod grasp which is effective and a mature grasp for writing and colouring. The non-dominant hand is assisting in the tearing and encourages appropriate assistance for tasks like holding the paper while writing, and managing paper while cutting with scissors. 


Class – I students were involved in TORN PAPER CRAFT where they were able to exhibit their skill of creating master pieces with bits and scraps of paper. The kids were engaged in tearing paper into tiny bits and pasting them within defined borders. 

This craft is an easy and inexpensive activity for kids of all ages. This Torn Paper Craft needs very few supplies and can be done pretty much anywhere or anytime. The kids enjoyed the activity to the hilt and were greatly encouraged by the educators at every step.

October 13, 2020