At NVPS,revolutionizing the perspectives of lesson transactions has been the aim of the administrators and educators alike. Even as the pandemic throttles the traditional process of teaching and learning, the educators have crafted their way through the digital mode to provide the pupils with the best. The teachers of the primary wing, with series of Subject Enrichment Activities, adopting the models of cross-curricular pedagogy, specifically designed to suit the learning through virtual mode, helped the students construe the concepts with an interdisciplinary eye. The activities catered to the basic structure of an inclusive classroom by being accessible to all forms of learners in terms of pace of learning and comprehension and also were competent enough to enhance the cognitive abilities of the pupils. Some of the activities included were:‘Abacus with broomsticks and clay’, ‘Science in the culinary world’ , ‘ The making of a homemade water purifier’, ‘ Smiles with Similes’ etc .The children actively engaged in the discussion rounds in the classes and shared their interpretations and understanding of the concepts with the class. The sessions were educative both for the students and the teachers.

September 01, 2020