The school hosted valedictory ceremony for its outgoing batch of class XII ,session 2019-20 on 31-01-2020, Friday. The school Chairman , Mr. V.P .Panchal, school Principal, Ms. Veena Mishra and Senior School In-charge, Mr. Vishal Chaudhry gave a pristine start to the momentous occasion by addressing the students with the pearls of their wisdom, while some of the students and parents strummed an emotional chord voicing their expressions.  Citations, etched with words of admiration hand woven by teachers , were presented by the school Principal and the School Manager , Mr. Sanjay to the students as they walked the ramp majestically with the wings of hope and the light of faith. Showering of blessings by parents and teachers, a significant practice of the Indian tradition was observed at the end.

February 03, 2020