National Victor Public school celebrated National Voters’ Day on 25th January, 2020. The aim was to sensitize the people to caste vote on 08.02.2020 in General Election to Delhi Legislative Assembly. The Principal, Mrs. Veena Mishra, appealed the students to sensitize and insist their parents, relatives, custodians and neighbors to must cast the vote. Almost 1000 students participated in the rally organized for the same objective. Students shouldered this responsibility and  holding the placards in their hands , appealed the people to make use of their constitutional right of casting vote, their right to elect who they want and their right to make change. Thousands of balloons were blown away by the students and the Principal, with a message-“Please Exercise the Voting Right’ so that wherever they reach, can awaken the people there. The celebration not only sensitized the parents and other people but the students also who will definitely not forget this message and will grow up as a sensible and responsible citizen of the nation.

January 25, 2020