CHRISTMAS  CELEBRATION – Pre - School &  Pre - Primary (24-12-2019)

Christmas is the festival that inspires the spirit of giving and sharing. Celebrated globally as a joyous and enthusiastic affair, the tiny tots also soaked in the zeal of the festival as they dressed up in red Santa attires spreading the cheer and making the whole atmosphere sparkling with happy faces. The little ones joined in the melodious carols in the classrooms….jingling away merrily all the way..!!!

The significance of the festival was explained to them through skits showcasing the birth of Jesus Christ. Merry songs like “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer”,“Dashing Through the Snow…”etc filled the air with a festive glee and the children danced to their heart’s content to the songs. The classrooms were dressed up with bright and colourful bells, stockings and stars, created by the children in their craft classes. A huge Christmas tree, all decked up stood proudly in the hallway. To inculcate the spirit of sharing, toffees and small gifts were distributed among the children by their beloved Santa Claus. 

December 24, 2019