Festive Jamboree!

The students of the primary wing were at an unrivalled pace getting their classes bedizened with decorative handmade works to the mark the festive fervour.  Students of classes I and II displayed dynamism in Diya making while those of classes III and IV engaged themselves in Candle making  with gusto and students of class V made paper rangoli art with great brio.  The students used recycled materials and natural substances for the all the ornamentations to signify the importance of Green Diwali thereby  pledging for conservation of Mother Nature.  In this respect , a short animated film on Green and safe Diwali , made by the students of cyber club was played in all the classes through the Smart Board. The highlight of the fiesta was the awareness campaign for Green and Safe Diwali through Nukkad Natak by the students of senior wing. Nukkad Natak drove itself home with the students, the pledge to celebrate a green and noise-free Diwali. The students also highlighted hazards, including pollution, fire, burns and animal-related injuries, to make learners understand the need to celebrate responsibly. The natak was staged during recess so that the message could be conveyed to all students together, while the teachers put up their hands together to invigorate the students . The School Principal, Ms. Veena Mishra, made the students aware of customs and tradition surrounding these festivals and guided the students to quit bursting of crackers and promote the pious idea of Green Diwali and  encouraged the exuberance and enthusiasm of the students, as the school  got   geared up to celebrate Diwali with liveliness and zest.

October 25, 2019